Anatomy and Physiology I - Biology 203
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Welcome to the A&P online atlas. This is here as a resource to help you. Find the material you're interested on the sidebar to the left.
About me and this atlas.
I'm a former HCC A&P student. I am currently in my Senior year at UMBC seeking a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with and Art and Biology focus. I began this atlas as an employee of HCC and continued to work on it as an independent study. After losing much of the data (or at least the organization of the data) because of a corrupt external hard drive, I have come back to finish this gargantuan project as my Interdisciplinary Studies, Capstone Project. So if you're an A&P student, study hard and I hope this helps you. I'll try to keep up with your schedule to help you, so please provide me with feedback to make improvements.
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